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Reluctant new member was posted 02/07/2001 03:45 am by Brian
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Hello all...just wanted to introduce myself. Brian from Vancouver, Canada. I've been over at the PC board for about a month because that was the early indication; I've made many extremely positive contacts there who have helped me keep strong through this ugly ordeal. My 34-year-old wife was just diagnosed Monday with advanced, inoperable cholangiocarcinoma and given a very poor prognosis. Given her age, sex, race, and lifestyle...she is certainly a one-in-a-million kind of gal to get this lousy hand. She has a very large metastatic tumour on the liver (10 cm), a large, malignant choledocal cyst in the bile duct (which is currently stented, plastic), and tumor markers that are out of this world (CA19-9=870,000)(CEA=200). At present we are waiting for our first consult with an oncologist at our local cancer clinic. I have read some good things that are being done for liver tumours lately...but I can't help but think given Leah's advanced stage whether it's worth giving her large doses of chemo and radiation at this point. Would love to hear other stories or opinions from other caregivers and/or patients. We have only been married 6 years and have two children, age 4 and 6. I really don't want them to watch their mother waste away in a cancer clinic if I thought we could spend the next six months doing some of the things she's always wanted to do. On the other hand, if we thought she had a legitimate shot at making it 2-3 years with treatment...then I presume she would opt for that route with my blessing. On another matter, I have noticed Dr. Argani posting names and numbers here of doctors to contact...but as a Canadian who's dollar only goes so far as it is...and even less far in America... what can I expect to pay once I open a line of contact with Johns Hopkins? I'd love to do everything financially and physically possible for Leah, but I'm sure Canadian medicare won't do anything for me outside this province...and I can't break myself when I'll have two kids to raise on my own. Thanking you in advance for any thoughts, advice and support.

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