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Bile Duct Cancer Chemo Advice was posted 01/14/2001 08:39 am by Kathie Damico
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My mother is 75 years old and has been diagnosed with Bile Duct cancer and is scheduled to have surgery this coming Tuesday. She has been in and out of the hospital for the last couple of months for tests and to have an external drain put into her side to help get rid of the Bile build up. She is also very shakey and weak. Her side hurts alot and is very disoriented. The surgeon isn't sure which procedure he will be doing on Tuesday, it depends on what he finds. My mother is trying to stay very positive and we haven't really given her all of the grim details. She knows that it could mean chemo and radiation. Reading these messages really scares me about the chemo. She has already lost so much weight and isn't able to eat very much. We went through a similar situation with my father in law 24 years ago with Pancreatic cancer. He only last five months and the Whipple (at least I think that is the procedure they did on him) didn't help at all. He didn't have any chemo. He still couldn't eat. We are very sad to see another family member go through this. I want to keep her with us as long as possible and she wants to stay. I would like to find out more about chemo and what is to be expected. Prayers to you. Kathie

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