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C'ville was posted 03/24/2016 02:05 pm by Cindy.NC
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Hi there Cindy. I apologize for not being here lately. I get on FB and get carried away with politics but, other than that, I am involved in the house renovations in Wilmington which have been going on since before Thanksgiving. Should be moving in a couple of months or so. The pulmonary issues have progressed a bit and that has been a nuisance. One reason my sons are anxious to have me move is better physicians up there and I can't argue with that any longer. I'm taking it one day at a time with more flare ups but still glad to wake up to each new day.

I miss Don every day and hope that those who are here will find more comfort in their day to day lives as time goes on. I felt guilty at first for even thinking of moving away from this lovely home that we shared but finally realized that it didn't make sense to stay here. It will be good to have more friends around and my son next door, along with better services. More activities for the 'good' days. On and on.

Still reading a lot and glad that this is my escape because I don't have lots of energy but I have many blessings still. Remembering to be grateful for what I do have still helps me more than almost anything.

Hope you and your family are doing very well.

Love, Cindy

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