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Cathy Midwest was posted 02/04/2016 11:54 am by bj in GA
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I know what you mean. Those memories can hit us so hard sometimes out of the blue and stay with us for days. I hope your dental experience was pleasant and that you are doing okay today. It helps to run your thoughts past someone who relates. And all of us sure do.

I thought you were going to say how hard it was to go have something like that done without Ken's support. That's a concern of mine for sure. I always had Charlie to lean on when I needed a driver for something or someone to really care about my outcome. I miss that so much. I have wonderful, caring children but the love we share with our mates is irreplaceable. Best wishes for a contented and pleasant day. It's an all day rain here. Fort Stewart is in my area where they tornado touched down yesterday in GA. We didn't even get rain or wind here though. The rain started late last night and will go all day today. But I planned on it and planned to stay home so that worked out okay for me but not for all those working and commuting on this day. Hope your weather is free of snow. hugs from GA.

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