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Bile duct/gallbladder question was posted 03/21/2014 05:11 pm by Daina
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In Nov 2012 I had my gallbladder removed, since then i have had nothing but issues. After having it out, I returned to the hospital two day later because there was a bile leak. I had a procedure and they put in a stent and removed additional gall stones, while in turn got a mild case of pancreatitis. After a few more days in the hospital I went home again, only to return two days later. Turned out, the bile that I was told would be reabsorbed by my body had instead incapsulated behind my liver and so they put a drain in me (that stayed in my body for almost two weeks). They took it out, I still continued to tell the doctors I still did not feel well, pain and nausea. I continue to just deal with it, finally in mid Jan 2013, I could take it no more, go to the doctor, they do yet another ERCP, the stent had moved causing pain, so they took it out, also removing more 'sludge' and another stone. Move forward to Mar 2013, pain returns, another ERCP, stones removed, severe case of pancreatitis. Pain continues, but life was crazy busy so I had ignored it for the longest time. Now I'm to the point where I can not ignore it anymore. The symptoms I have been having are as follows: Pain in the mid abdomen (right side), nausea, pain in my back, itchy skin, fatigue, not much of an appetite. I just want to feel good again, I have an appt with a Gastroenterologist here in Alexandria, VA, my question is, is there anything in particular I should have him look at, test for, etc. or should I look into getting an appt at Johns Hopkins? Thanks for any input.

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