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High Temp was posted 11/10/2012 09:54 am by mrs
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A high temperature may be an indication of an infection. Does your Aunt have any stents inside? Those often can clog up and lead to an infection. Also, were there any recent surgeries or does she have any tubes or lines put in for medication? Any chance of other types of infection (kidney? urine? bladder? etc.).

The hospital staff should have drawn blood to see what is going on there and do a blood culture to learn the exact type of bacteria your Aunt may have in her bloodstream. I recall when my Dad spiked a high fever after he had a minor surgicial procedure. She should be on antibiotics and the blood culture takes 48 hours or more. They can change antibiotics depending on the test results. Until then, the hospital has to bring down her temperature and monitor her.

Hope she is feeling better and the souce of the high temperature is found. Take care, Mary

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