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Gallbladder Cancer was posted 11/11/2000 12:00 am by Martha
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I am so excited to find this board. I have researched extensively across the internet and found very little about this cancer. My mother was diagnosed two months ago with Adenocarcinoma of the gallbladder. At first she became sick with what the doctors thought was the beginnings of an ulcer. But after two weeks of contant vomiting we finally got her admitted to the hospital. They found gallstones and she was scheduled for surgery, unfortunately she came down with pancreatitis and had to wait for that to clear up before the surgery. Things went well during the surgery (it was not laproscopic) and she was sent home to heal. Three days later the surgeon called my home to tell me they'd found cancer in the pathology report. I obtained the report (not easily) and the cancer was in the mucosa.She endured thirty three days of radiation and three days prior and three days latter of Flourisil 5 (forgive the spelling)...and she is still very sick. Her weight has plummeted by 35 pounds ever since this nightmare began.The oncologist never would give us a firm reply when it came to cancer staging---he would only facetiously pat me on the head occasionally and tell me to leave it up to God. I know and love God but felt irritated that the surgeon would speak to me in this manner.I just don't know what to think. On the one hand I am glad my mother went ahead with the chemo and radiation but on the other hand it has made her very sick, no appetite and very lethargic. She is 72 years old and was always in good health prior to this crisis.I feel very alone in all of this--she rarely talks about the possibilities of her dying--and I worry about it constantly.Is there hope for gallbladder cancer patients? If anyone has any information I would appreciate it greatly. I am filled with a lot of anxiety naturally and have began to have panic attacks over the stress and fear...and of course of the unknown.Please e-mail me at MMcafee404 if you have any suggestions or information. I am desperate.Thank you and kind regards to all,Martha

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