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What are Symptoms for Common B was posted 02/14/2012 04:31 pm by Concerned Mother
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I have a 4year old who has sufered from stomach problems since he was 2years old. He got so bad that he was hospitalized due to pancreatitis and after several months of CT Scans/MRI/Ultra sounds and countless blood work. I was refered to a Surgen by the Pediatric GI. He indicated that our son has a blockage in the common bile but not sure if it was due to the pancreatitis or if that is what caused the pancreatitis. He believes it is not cancer but worried since he doesn't really know why he has the blockage. maybe a cyst but only says all they can do is monitor with ultra sounds to check if it continues to grow. just tells us if son develops juandice, abdominal pain and starts his constant vomiting again to notify him right away and go to er. Does anyone have or had similar problems? I know pancretitis and most common bile problems unless child is born with a bile abnormality happen to adults and not really seen in children.

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