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Bile Duct Cancer was posted 10/30/2000 08:26 am by Morris, Kathy
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My mother is 68 years old. Has bile duct cancer in the lower duct; cells were found in 2 lympnodes. Had the whipple surgery. Is now diabetic. Negative frame of mind and shakey in body. Doctors have recommended chemo. They gave her 18 months w/o chemo, maybe an additional 6 mos. w/chemo at MD Anderson. At St. Marys in Enid she was given about a year. My surgeon after hearing all the info said 6 mo. to 1 year. He also said with chemo and the whipple surgery he thought it would be closer to alittle over 6 months. Does anyone have any experience with chemo actually lessening the time of a bile duct patient or the quality of life that goes with it. What has been the experience of time and quality of life with and w/o chemo. Two surgeons off the record have told me to avoid the chemo. Just tell mother to make her peace and make the most of the time she has left with her family. Individuals that I know that have lost a parent or friend to this type of cancer swear that the chemo shorten the lifetimes and made the quality of time hell. I am confused and don't know who to believe. Mother keeps asking me what she should do and what to expect. Our main interest is keeping mother comfortable and pain free. We want her with us as long as possible but with quality. Please send any information or advice to me. I appreciate your time and efforts. God Bless.

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