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Teenager testing was posted 10/15/2011 11:28 pm by WD Mack
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I was trying to get some info on some pancreatic cancer testing for a teenager. There are no signs of the disease now. His father is 43 years old with stage 3 pancreatic cancer now, His father and uncle both passed away under the age of 45 with the same disease. Is there some kind of testing this teenager could start taking or cancer marker studies or what, theres no doubt its in his family and has been hereditary. The dad with stage 3 just returned from Houston for a visit and was advised to continue another type of chemo that reacts to hereditary cancer , the Docs are trying to shrink it some to operate, it has wrapped arround a main artery in pancreas and Docs in Pcola, UAB and Houston will not touch . My concern is the 16 year old son does anyone have any idea of the correct protocol for this young man to preceed to some testing just to try to get early detection of the cancer. My mom had whipple at JH in 1997 she was 64 years of age , she passed away 2 days later from blood clot, good Lord wanted her and man did he get a good one. I am just trying to HELP the young man and his familyn so if something out there is new he would be available to perdicipate in. THANKS

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