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My mom is 60yrs. old. She was dx. 6/00. She had been seeing her PCP for stomach pain off and on since 2/99. Then she just had gotten tired of them saying everything was ok. and didn't go in for a while. 2/00 the pain became unbarable, and then became more persistant. She said it was like gas pain that wouldn't move as well as pain in her back. Her PCP referred her to a gasterologist who ran every test leading to the CT which indicated a tumor on the tail of the pancreas at 5cm. and 4 mets to the liver. She had her laporascopy done on 6/9/00. It concluded to be adnocarcinoma. From there they started her on gemcitabine three wks on and one off the first being done in the hospital. Her pain medicine consisted of 40mg of oxycontin and 5mg of oxyir for breakthrough pain. It seemed as though every month we were having to up the paing medicine, and so I felt thing were not going well. By August she is up to 240mg of morphine and 5mg of breakthrough for pain. Her CTscan that was done 8\00 showed no mets to the liver! The pancreas had shown to be inflamed to 6cm. She decided to continue on the gemcitabine because the side effects are minimal for her. She only weighed 80lbs at 5'3", and has held her wieght between 80-90lbs. She had a nerve block procedure on 10/25/00,and will not no how much help this is until the nerves relax from this treatment. I am her youngest daughter 30yrs.old. I am her caregiver. We have sold our home to live with my mother in law because she could no longer be alone. Now I drive back and forth between moms and have two children 11 and 9 yrs old. So far things haven't been well for mom. I am looking forward for this block to give her some quality of life as they have given her 8 months if all goes well.

Posted 10/26/2000 04:18 pm by Dee
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