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Bile duct cancer CA 19-9 level was posted 08/03/2011 09:40 pm by Stacey
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My 79-year-old mother had a gallbladder attack in February, which prompted the removal of her gallbladder. It was sent to pathology with the expectation of finding gallstones; instead, her blockage was due to a pencil-eraser-sized malignant tumor. She had additional surgery in July to remove her bile duct, which was marked by precancerous and cancerous cells. The doctor did not think she would tolerate a surgery which would give a definite negative margin (i.e., sectioning her liver), so he is recommending chemo and radiation.

Her CA 19-9 level in February, before the gallbladder surgery, was near 1000. Three months later, she was at 350. Shortly before her bile duct surgery in July, she was at 500. We are awaiting results of another test (taken a month after the bile duct surgery) to see if her CA 19-9 has increased, decreased, or remained stable.

I am looking for 'armchair' assessment of these totals. Thank you.

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