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Choices was posted 07/29/2011 03:42 pm by Nadia
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HI Susan, I'm sorry that you find yourself here. GBC and Bile duct cancer are difficult cancers. My mother had bile duct cancer and given her life span prediction, we chose no chemo or radiation and opted for a good quality of life however long that was to be. She became ill in 2004, but didn't receive a confirmed diagnosis until Feb. of 2005.

With her palliative care of stents in the bile ducts to keep them open and bile flowing, she had good quality of life until the last 3 months of life. Once she received the stents and kept them maintained, she was able to eat well and gain some of her weight back that she lost prior to diagnosis. She proved her doctors prognosis wrong and lived until April of 2008. She was a bit feisty!

To this day, I do not regret for a minute the choice for palliative care rather than aggressive treatment. By the way, she was just over 80 when diagnosed.

Best to you in this difficult situation. -Nadia

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