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Thoughts was posted 03/27/2011 09:11 pm by Nadia
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Todd, Good that your friend is doing well with her stents and treatment. Take each day as it comes and make it special.

If it is of any help to you, my mom had bile duct cancer too. She had been sick nearly a year before they figured out what it was. When she was diagnosed, they gave her 8-10 months to live. She had too many other health conditions to even attempt surgery and she chose no chemo, only stenting to keep the duct open as long as they could. She lived 3-1/2 years!

He quality of life was relatively high through the entire illness. Her biggest issue was infection from any blockages in the stents - they were plastic threaded thru the metal ones. She finally was prescribed a 'maintenance' antibiotic to fend off the infections. For such a dire prognosis, she did well. Eventually, the tumor outgrew the stents and they were no longer of help to her. She made no secret of telling her doctors she would fool them all and make them eat their lifespan predictions. She did!

My best to you as you live with this complex illness. -Nadia

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