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The Budwig Protocol & Diet Pla was posted 01/01/2011 04:00 pm by Curious
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Thanks for asking. I follow above subject diet off & on. Luckily I like the cottage cheese & flax seed combo. For more info visit:

In a nutshell (copied off the internet about a year ago): INTRODUCTION to the BUDWIG PROTOCOL with DIET DETAILS This plan has stopped cancer & other diseases for over 50 years ---------------------------------------- This can help you to follow Dr. Budwig's protocol. It is based on her book, 'Cancer - The Problem and the Solution' [1999], her cookbook, 'The Oil-Protein Diet' [1952]

Most people begin gradually, adding healthy foods & liquids and eliminating damaging ones. The diet seems simple, but foods are powerful and can damage or heal a person. The Budwig plan has healed people of many kinds of cancer and other diseases and conditions.

In liver, pancreatic, stomach and gall bladder disease it's best to begin with a 'Transition Diet' - After the transition, begin the diet below with small amounts of the oil & cheese as well as the other foods.

Dr.Budwig had over a 90% success rate with this protocol with all kinds of cancer patients over a 50 year period. Many research studies done in the last ten years support the cancer-fighting value of foods, juices, sun exposure and relaxation Dr.Budwig recommended.

To start the diet, it helps to have 3 appliances: 1- A coffee bean grinder to grind the whole brown flaxseeds sold in health food stores or online. 2- An immersion hand-held mixer (a stick-shaped mixer), to blend flaxseed oil [FO] and cottage cheese [CC] together so that they become one food, making the oil water-soluble and more absorbable. 3- A vegetable juicer. A masticating or extractor type may give a more healthful juice than a centrifugal type. Many members like Green Star.

FLAXSEED OIL and COTTAGE CHEESE (FOCC) or quark: Generally, each tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil (FO) is mixed with 2 or more tablespoons of low-fat organic Cottage Cheese (CC)or quark. That is a FOCC ratio of approximately 1:2. Cold-pressed refrigerated liquid FO is used, for example, Barlean's & Spectrum. It's better to buy regular FO instead of High Lignan FO. Healthier lignans are obtained at a lower cost by using freshly ground flaxseeds. [used instead of Linomel].

TO START THE DAY - About an hour before breakfast, have a glass of raw sauerkraut juice. It has cancer-fighting benefits. Home-made is best in order to get the digestive enzymes.

Anything pasteurized has lost its enzymes. But, you can get healthy lactic acid from Biotta brand juice, ordered online. Lactic acid in the juice helps the digestive tract work better all day.

BREAKFAST - Start with a cup of green tea or herbal tea. It provides warm liquid required for the ground flaxseeds to swell properly. That is important. Then eat your Muesli [Muesli in the Budwig diet refers to the recipe below. Cottage cheese, quark,homemade yogurt cheese or kefir cheese is OK to use.

Budwig Muesli[FOCC] recipe: [Prepare only enough for one meal - avoid storing. Eat it as soon as possible, do not let it sit. [1] Blend 3 tbs flaxseed oil with 6 tbs organic low-fat CC and 2 tblsp milk (no water or watery liquids at this point) with a hand-held immersion electric blender. The mixture should be like rich whipped cream with no separated oil within about a minute. VERY IMPORTANT!! [2] Grind 2 tblsp whole flaxseeds and add. [This replaces Linomel] [3] Add fresh [frozen if necessary] berries which contain cancer-fighting ellagic acid. [Use organic fruits if possible] [4] Add other fresh fruit if you like, totaling 1/2 to 1 cup of fruit. [5] Add some fruit juice [e.g. dark grape, blueberry] or milk if mixture is too thick. Fruits & their juices are proven cancer fighters. [6] Add organic raw nuts such as walnuts or Brazil nuts [no peanuts] and, if you wish, a bit of raw honey or vanilla. Try various fresh [or frozen if necessary] organic fruits and flavorings for variety. Limit honey to 1 or 2 teaspoons a day.

MID-MORNING - Freshly-pressed vegetable juice from carrot and/or radish, stinging nettle, beet, celery, lemon, apple [carrot and beet juices are especially helpful to the liver and are excellent cancer fighters.]

GO OUTSIDE FOR SUNLIGHT - Sunlight on the skin is very healthful for vit.D and other benefits [even in winter]. Dr. Budwig stressed the value of sunlight. Avoid burning & avoid sunscreen & sunglasses.

If you feel up to having some exercise, individualize it according to your strength - DON'T OVERDO IT. Some quotes by Dr.Budwig regarding exercise: 'Often yoga or sport is very important, but sometimes the patient should not do this' and 'I would never allow a cancer patient with metastases to jog, ride a bicycle, or to practice yoga. His body must relax.' She added, 'There is no one treatment that applies for everyone. The patient must also feel for himself what is good for him.' and 'The whole subject of sport must be treated on a very individual basis.'

One form of exercise that is beneficial for most people is using a rebounder [a mini-trampoline] because it helps clear the lymph system and promotes better drainage.

BEFORE LUNCH - A cup of warm green or herbal tea. Use honey if desired (no sugar). Also suggested, one tblsp whole flaxseeds, freshly ground and added to a glass of Champagne, known to help digestion & absorption. [1999 book]

LUNCH - RAW vegetable salad with various home made salad dressings which may include 1 or more tblsp FO blended with 1 or 2 tblsp organic low-fat CC plus 1 tblsp organic apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and spices. Or, for sweeter dressing, try FO & red grape juice or another fruit juice. You can vary the salad dressings based on the recipes in the Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook. Several recipes do not include cottage cheese at all. The body can utilize 2 or 3 tblsp oil without cottage cheese. Avoid commercial salad dressings. Experiment with spices, honey or garlic for variety.

If still hungry, make baked or steamed veggies and grains. [See dinner]

LUNCH DESSERT: Repeat breakfast recipe with varied fresh raw fruits (organic if possible). This is the second FO/CC serving of the day: three tblsp flax oil & 6 tblsp CC with fresh fruit but NO flaxseeds. Smaller amounts of food are digested better. Work up to six tblsp FO per day, if possible, mixed with twice as much CC, depending on digestive ability and size. Chew very well to optimize digestion. Predigestion starts in the mouth by mixing saliva with the foods. Try to have your meals in a peaceful atmosphere. Stress reduction is important.

MID-AFTERNOON - Two tblsp whole flaxseeds, freshly ground, stirred into a glass of sparkling wine or Champagne OR one teaspoons flaxseeds, ground and stirred into a glass of fruit juice: grape, cherry or pineapple. Chew the ground flaxseeds for better digestion.

RELAX, IN THE SUN IF POSSIBLE, to relieve stress. It's healing. Seek out nature, music, chat, laughter, or what pleases you.

LATE AFTERNOON - One tblsp whole flaxseeds, ground & added to blueberry or papaya juice. Both papaya & pineapple [above] have digestive enzymes if they are fresh. Most bottled juices have lost their enzymes but still have valuable nutrients. If making the juice, drink it immediately after preparation before the enzymes are lost by air and light. You want to get as many natural enzymes as possible [as well as electrons from flax seeds & oils]. [Note: Instead of the fruit juices, some members heal using homemade vegetable juices as described at 10 a.m.]

DINNER - Vegetable soup or a variety of veggies and starch-containing foods, well spiced. Add Oleolux and nutritional yeast flakes after cooking. Choices of cooked starchy foods - buckwheat (JB's top choice-digests well), millet, brown rice, lentils, beans, peas, yams & potatoes. Add lightly cooked vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, beets,carrots, chard, cabbage, brussel sprouts, broccoli, onions,artichokes, asparagus, peppers, kale, green beans, etc. Also, add spices such as cayenne pepper, paprika & others. AFTER COOKING, add Oleolux 'to taste,' made with coconut oil, flaxseed oil, garlic and onion [recipe in Files under 'Foods']. Also use it as a spread on bread [whole grain, sprouted grain, home made or Ezekiel].

EVENING - A glass of organic red wine if desired.

The above diet can be varied by the many recipes in Dr. Budwig's book 'The Oil-Protein Diet Cookbook,' sold on Amazon and Barlean's websites for about $10.

THE FOLLOWING IS VERY IMPORTANT: Dr. Budwig stressed that we must AVOID UNHEALTHY FOODS and SUBSTANCES such as hydrogenated fats, trans-fats, most animal fats, butter, sugar, white flour, preservatives and processed foods as well as pesticides and chemicals, even those in household products & cosmetics. Also, drink chemical-free pure water if possible.

++ Avoid leftovers - food should be prepared fresh and eaten soon after preparation to maximize intake of health-giving electrons & enzymes.

++ At least 3x a day drink warm green or herbal teas, unsweetened or sweetened only with honey.

++ Stress is very damaging. Avoid stress and anxiety; take time to relax & enjoy each day. Listen to beautiful music, laugh, do deep breathing, connect with nature, spend time with people you like. Eliminate anger and sadness through EFT, counseling, support group or some method of letting go of it.

++ ELDI oils are oils for external application. Dr.Budwig had her patients use them extensively.

++ Dr.Budwig did not include supplements in her protocol. Also, as far as we can tell, she did not use drugs with her protocol and generally discontinued those that were taken.

Some supplements, especially high amounts of man-made antioxidants, can seriously interfere with how well the diet works, as can/will some drugs and treatments (particularly cytostatic [chemo and radiation] treatments, cortisones, hormones and many pain killers). She also warned against the dangers of ozone and oxygen therapy for the cancer patient. Ozone resulted in death for some members.

++ The foods in the Budwig Protocol give your body what it needs daily to stop cancer. Dr. Budwig warned that you should follow the diet strictly for three years before relaxing a little, but you can never stop these foods for more than a day or so, and you cannot regularly include damaging foods or supplements. Doing so may allow the cancer to return. This has happened to some people.

Dr.Budwig's book 'Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and other Diseases' offers an understanding of the scientific principles behind this protocol. Her cookbook 'The Oil-Protein Diet' gives practical diet information and recipes. Both of these books can be ordered from or from for about $10.

Her newest (and last) book, 'Cancer-The Problem and The Solution,' written in 1999, is available from

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*DISCLAIMER: This page is an unmoderated forum, and the opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of The Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions. Patients are advised to consult their personal physicians before making any medical decisions.

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