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Diagnosed with Cholangiocarcin was posted 09/27/2000 04:19 pm by Sai-Kai Cheng
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Dear Peter,I thank you for your time and noble effort on this web chat. I was just told yesterday (9/19/00) that I have cholagiocarcinoma. My symptom is only pain on my right abdomen started on 7/11/00. CT scan (7/21/00) and MRI (8/11/00) revealed a 6cm liver lesion along the inferior aspect of the right lobe. I have elevated CA 19-9, CEA (but normal AFP, no hepatitis). I had a FN biopsy on 9/20/00 that leads to the above diagnosis.Questions: (1) Are they any clinical trials at Johns Hopkins for cholagiocarcinoma? (2) Can I get a quick appointment with an expert on CC at JH? (3) How fast does CC spread, it has been 2.5months since my first symtom.Please help me. Thank you.

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