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Biliary Stent was posted 09/11/2010 09:42 pm by Nadia
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Let me first say, I'm sorry you find yourself here. It is a good place for valuable information.

The stents, if inserted properly do work and give relief. For how long is very individual. My mother had bile duct cancer and stenting was her only treatment as she was elderly and had other health issues preventing her from surgery. She was given an 8-10 month life expectancy when diagnosed and lived 3-1/2 years. In that time she had 14 biliary stents. Some lasted 3 months, some 6. It just depends on how the patient's system is working at the time as to how quickly them become clogged.

If your sister has a stent inserted, be aware of the signs of infection - cold chills, sweats, rigors, vomiting, etc. This can turn to sepsis very fast. My mom took a maintenance antibiotic as the infections were really getting her down.

Pleae let me know if I can offer you any further information from out stenting experiences.


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