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cholangiocarcinoma was posted 09/11/2000 05:22 pm by peter argani
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Dear bda: i am of course very sorry to hear that your husband died of bile duct carcinoma. unfortunately, this type of cancer remains one of the most difficult to treat by the chemotherapy that is available to oncologists even today. most bile duct cancers arise without any predisposing factors (such as a history of primary sclerosing cholangitis), so their cause is unknown. much of the work being done today centers on trying to figure out the changes in the DNA in the tumor cells which make them so aggressive. we are trying to do this here at hopkins, and are slowly making progress in deciphering what genes are inactivated in these tumors. one we learn this, we will have a chance to design drugs that can reverse the effects of these genetic changes. it is fortunately very unlikely that your sons would be susceptable to bile duct cancer, as hereditary forms of this disease are rare. symptoms that might suggest a problem in the biliary tree (not necessarily cancer) would include jaundice, itching, weight loss, and pain in the right abdomen. my best wishes are with youpeter argani

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