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My father was diagnosed with s was posted 06/25/2010 10:40 am by Rozetta
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Hi, my name is Rozetta and my father, who is 73 years old, was diagnosed with stage IV gallbladder cancer that has spread to his liver. This was discovered during a scheduled gallbladder removal. Because of the advanced stage, they were unable to remove the gallbladder. A PET scan done several days later revealed that the cancer is also in the muscle tissue of his back. He began chemo about 1 week after the diagnosis and continued this for a little over 2 months. A repeat PET scan revealed that the tumors had continued to grow, although the cancer had not spread to any other organs. He was started on a different type of chemo in May. 3 days ago he was admitted to the hospital because he had become jaundice, was unable to eat or eliminate his bowels. Dr. believed that his bile duct was blocked and they attempted to insert a stent, however when they got in there, they discovered that the tumors had grown to such a size that the stomach and bile duct were completly blocked. He has gone from 184 pounds to 137 pounds since March. Ultimately they were able to get a stent into his stomach that will allow him to eat and he has a stent in his bileduct that was inserted through his side and drains to a bag externally. He is in such pain and I hate to see him suffer. We spoke to the Oncologist yesterday about hospice services, which we are going to begin soon. The Oncologist informed our family that he was going to stop the chemo because it was doing more harm to my father's body and was not working to cure the cancer. My oldest sister is very persistent about getting a 2nd opinion from John Hopskins and persuing other treatment options. I truly believe that my father just wants to enjoy the rest of his days with his family and not entertain any further torture to his body. He has agreed to a consultation with John Hopskins to see if he would even be a candidate, but I believe that he is doing it because my sister is so pasionate about it and he doesn't want to hurt her. I just want to honor my father's wishes and enjoy the days that we have left. I am trying to be very strong and optomistic, but I feel that my sister is being somewhat unrealistic and is in denial. Any suggestions on how I can get my sister to understand? Or, am I giving up hope too soon? PLEASE HELP!!!


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