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Klatskin Tumor was posted 04/29/2010 05:50 pm by Nadia
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Hi Fern, My mother received the same diagnosis in Feb of 2005. She was ill most of 2004 before they discovered part of the problem was her infected gall bladder. It wasn't until after that when she didn't fully recover from gall bladder surgery that the Klatskin was found. The first 2 bursh tests of cells came back negative for cancer - it took several biopsies after stent placement to confirm cancer.

She was told that she wasn't a surgical candidate largely because she was 80 and had other medical problems. They told us that she would likely not make it out of surgery alive and that surgery is similar or possibly worse than a liver transplant. They did offer to set us up with a surgeon if she thought that was what she wanted. She did not.

She ended up having palliative care in the form of stents to keep the ducts open and bile flowing. Despite being given a lifespan prognosis of 6-8 months from final diagnosis, she lived 3-1/2 years. Her cancer was a very slow growing one.

She was offered chemo and possibly radiation, but declined those as well. I'm thankful she did as I believe that they would have killed her early in her illness from the side effects on her frail body. As it was we had her way longer than anyone thought and her quality of life was quite good. There came a time when the cancer did outgrow the stents and infiltrated the liver, but that was late in the course of the illness.

She received her ERCP stenting at Uuniversity of Pittsburgh Medical Centers, Presbyterian Hospital.

Hope this helps some. -Nadia

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