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Diagnosis? was posted 04/01/2010 01:18 pm by lyn
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A few doctors have recently question my mom's diagnosis of pancreatic adenocarcinoma. Wondering if any of you have an experience/thoughts regarding this?

She presented in 12/09 with arm weakness due to widely metastatic disease that was now pressing on nerves. She had mets in many vertebrae with extension of disease around her nerve roots going to her arms. Imaging showed lesions in lungs, liver, possibly breasts, peritoneum and a large mass in the pancreas (everything but the head of the pancreas was tumor) that was encasing several nearby blood vessels. Amazingly, her liver blood tests show only minimal elevation in alkaline phosphatase and bilirubin is normal and no abdominal pain. Main symptom was fatigue, and arm weakness that has improved on chemo.

A core biopsy was done of a liver lesion that was read as 'adenocarcinoma, consistent with pancreatobiliary'. Everyone has been just saying pancreatic cancer, but maybe it isn't just pancreas. I've had other doctors suggest to me everything from ampullar, bile tree to breast cancer?!?

She is responding quite well to Oxaliplatin and Gemzar. I think that is also a reason some are questioning the diagnosis.

Unfortunately, her main oncologist does not discuss/explain things very well and told us at the beginning that no second opinion was needed of the pathology. Wondering if anyone else had any experience like this?

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