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I first posted this on February 27, 2010, but I thought it would make a good update:
Photo of Brian and family
It is amazing how I have gone through most of the day not realizing that TODAY marks FOUR YEARS since Brian was diagnosed! I guess you do get to a point where cancer is not always the first thing on your mind. Four years, wow! I NEVER thought we'd be here. Though we are battling a recurrence, and have for almost two years, if you were to see him you would never know he has this awful cancer. He is a brave man and I admire him for all that he has been through.

His port placement was his 6th surgery in four years, some have been major (whipple, brain tumor removal) some have been so - so (neck disection for lymph nodes, fixing his voice box, and laproscopic surgery) and then the easiest was the port. Boy does the man have battle scars (some prettier than others, that brain surgeon did some BEAUTIFUL stitching!) and each one tells a story of courage.

He's had radiation three separate times (pancreas, brain and neck) and is on chemo for the third time. You know, he must really love us to do this! I know I love him because he does!

He has worked for most of the four years, with a pretty physical job (Chiropractor) and gives his patients everything they deserve and more. He is well loved by the community and has won Best Doctor (out of not only Chiropractors, but MD's, Dentist's and the Vet is even in that category!) FOUR out of six times! He has won the last three years in a row. It is such an honor to be married to someone who cares about others so much.

The last four years have not been easy, but he has had the chance to make an impression on his kids and they know him in a way that they would not have had he died when the Doctor's said he would. He has fought back each downfall with a strength that comes from who-knows-where.

He is lucky to be alive. Hannah, Abbie, Tucker, Genevieve and I are lucky he is here. He gives me HOPE. I BELIEVE in him. Someday our DREAMS will come true.

Love to you all, Sheryl

As of today, Brian is on chemo for metastatic disease that is in his lungs and lymph nodes in his neck and chest area. He has never had mets in his liver or pancreatic area. He is currently doing Gemzar and Abraxane, 3 weeks on 1 week off. He has completed 2 full cycles and had a PET done at the end of the second cycle. His PET shows improvement. At least one tumor in his lung looks necrotic and the others show a substantial reduction in activity. The nodes in his neck are greatly improved and the nodes in his chest are improving though not as quickly. His CA 19-9 was 1236 in January and is now down to 551. Our hope is that he improves enough where we can take a chemo break for the summer and have a couple of vacations with our family. It is what he lives for, his family.

Hope. Believe. Dream.


Posted 03/21/2010 11:52 pm by Sheryl

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