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best doc for gallbladder cance was posted 03/07/2010 06:05 pm by nook
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5 months ago i has an upper GI ultrasound. distended gallbladder, coarse parechyma of liver . docs said nothing to worry about. the wall was nit thuck t tht time. today, 5 months later, i just got out of hospital for upper rgiht pain under ribcage. now docs say thick abnormal gsllbladder, no stones, gallbladder working but need further workup of liver before surgery. i need to know where to go for the best doc or hospital. i am terrified i have gallbladder cancer. doc said it appears to be complex, because i have no hepatitius,no stones and my gallbladder is working so they don't know why my gallbladder wall has thickened to 6 times normal in 5 months

anyone have a good recommendation for a top notch specialsit to remove my gallbladdr. prefer an oncoligst incase it is cancer

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