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lymphoma of gall bladder was posted 02/26/2010 07:17 pm by Jenny
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In the last couple of weeks, my sister who lives in SA, told me that my brother-in-law, who is 62, has not been well for some time with backache, loss of weight, loss of appetite, always tired etc. They went to the GP at the beginning of this week who immediately had him tested for any liver disease (his eyes were yellow). It came back clear, but showed that the Gall bladder was enlarged. More blood tests to check for gall stones and a CT scan were ordered. My sister phoned this morning to say that there was a blockage of the gall bladder, a lymphoma and the blood tests showed that there were signs of tumour activity. The pancreas looks OK. He is going in for a biopsy on Tuesday. I immediately started the research on the internet and it looks like lymphoma cancer of the gall bladder is not really diagnosed until it is quite advanced. I am feeling devastated for my sister as we have just lost our mother (in December - four days after my husband and I suddently lost our best friend) and I live in BC, Canada and am so far away. I am feeling so fragile myself and I feel she needs every bit of positive strength that I can send her way. I do have two brothers that are closeby, but we are so incredibly close assisters. Perhaps I am jumping the gun as we do not yet know at what level or stage the lymphoma is. Could anyone on this board advise me of what to expect and whether in fact the symptons are of an advanced stage. My sister sounded awful this morning and told me she has an ice-cold fear in her chest. Apologies for rambling, but I am feeling so raw from my own losses, but want to be strong for both of them. Thank you.

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