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You are quite welcome was posted 02/14/2010 01:20 am by Annie
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After I posted, I almmost wanted to take it back for fear of scaring you even more. It isn't so much that I expect your husband to have the same journey. It is more that I wanted to answer your question of 'how do I do it?'

Reading your post reminded me of those days right after diagnosis. We would go to the movies and I always got sick during the previews thinking 'will he be here to see that?' Then I would realize that he was probably thinking the same thing and that would make me even sadder.

Regarding people not really knowing how you feel. While my husband was in surgery and I was waiting, a very kind man approached me and introduced himself. His wife had the same diagnosis and had surgery the day before. He said something like 'all the focus is on our loved ones--as it should be ---but I am the one person who knows what YOU are going through and I wanted to give you a hug.' I'll never forget that.

My prayers are with you and your husband.

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