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GBC Stage IV was posted 02/10/2010 01:05 am by Tracy
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My husband was diagnosed with stage IV gallbladder cancer on Oct. 23, 2009 at the age of 53 years young. I am on the web every night researching...He has been feeling well and eating well. Treatment: chemo with Taxatere and Gemzar and taking Xeloda (2 AM, 2 PM) then chemo with Cispatin added which is an overnight stay (I hate that one the most!!-not used to being apart at night). Prognosis was a year but we are not going to be a statistic!! Ordered the Gerson Therapy dvd's and books and just received our Health Master Juicer. Will be starting this in the next few days at home. It's where you drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices from organic that you buy yourself and juice. Hopefully this program will help more. His first round of chemo ended early January and CT scan showed some shrinkage but the oncologist stated that he could have his gallbladder out (we asked) yet did not want us to pursue that idea due to the risk of infection and that the prognosis would still be the same anyway. Anyone have thoughts on that? He is now doing his 2nd round of the same treatment and will not have another CT scan until early to mid April and we want to know if anyone has had their gallbladder out after recession when first diagnosed stage IV.

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