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I wonder was posted 01/03/2010 07:01 pm by Audra
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I am wondering the same thing. My did is the second of four siblings. They all had issues with their gall bladders as kids and had them removed. My dad used to brag he was the only one who still had his. My dad's youngest sister died from pancreatic cancer at the age of 59. Three years after her death, my dad was diagnosed with bile duct and gall bladder cancer. It really frightens me and makes me want to get my gall bladder out now. Although, we don't know if the cancer orginated in his gall bladder or his bile duct. It's just so strange that my grandparents and their siblings all lived to ripe old ages (mid- 80s to early 90s). Not one bit of cancer. And now, my dad, his sister and his brother all have cancer. Dad's brother has prostate cancer. My dad just turned 70 and his brother is 68.

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