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Similar situation was posted 01/03/2010 06:36 pm by Audra
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Hi Kathleen, Your mom and my dad seem to have many similiarities. My dad was diagnosed last January. He had surgery -- they removed his gall bladder, bile duct and part of his liver. After he recovered from surgery, the started him on radiation along with an oral chemo (xeloda). He didn't do well with the xeloda, so it was discontinued. He did 12 weeks of gemzar (gemcitibine). His last treatments were in mid-June. He went in for a CT scan in September. They saw something in his liver. He then went through a PET scan and a biopsy.

They don't know where the cancer originated first -- bild duct or gall bladder - so they have been very vague is staging his cancer. Originally it was not in his lymph nodes and now it is. I am frustrated as I think they should have been tracking him throughout his course of treatment to make adjustments. They are now going to start him on cisplatin which is supposed to be harder to tolerate.

I am curious to know more about the treatment options you were asking about -radiofrequency ablation, use of erlotinib serafonib and GTX. I am glad I found your post as it gives me some avenues to pursue.

How is your mom doing with her chemo? Have you found any answers to your questions? God bless you and your mom.

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