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HI Carol and Greg, My dad is currently fighting gall bladder and bile duct cancer. They don't know which came first so we don't know what the primary cancer is. He was diagnosed last January ('09), had surgery to remove his gall bladder, bile duct and part of his liver; he received the same treatment Carol described and also had radiation. Unfortunately, he just had a PET scan a few weeks ago and they found cancer in his liver. The Laserknife was not an option as it was too wide spread and in his lymph nodes around his liver. I read that chemotherapy doesn't really work. I am just wondering if you have heard of other chemotherapy or trials? I don't want to give up as he still wants to fight and is going to try another chemo - cysplatin - that is supposed to be very rough. He went through three months of Gemzar and did not tolerate it very well. I am worried about this kind, but I guess it's worth a try. . .

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