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questions i need answered was posted 10/25/2009 09:19 pm by Paxston Galloway
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I have recently recieved a assingment for speech. We have been asked to give a speech on a career. I have chosen Social Work, because i have had a intrest in it after i have seen what people go through. Doing this report makes me want to more i just have a couple questions for you.

1.What is your name? 2.How long have you been a Social Worker? 3.What schooling did you recieve for this job? 4.How long did you go to school before you could enter into this career? 5.What classes do you suggest for a high school student interested in this carrer? 6.What are other things a high school student could do to prepare for or get in this carrer? 7.What do you like best about this carrer? 8.What do you like least about this carrer? 9.How does this carrer allow for your hobbies and intrests? 10.What do you see as the outlook for the future of this carrer? 11.What are the begining/ earning of this job? 12.What is the most memorible experiance you have had while working this job? 13.If you had any choice of carrer would you still choose this one. Why? or Why not?

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