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cholangiocarcinoma was posted 07/26/2000 09:09 pm by dave larue
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This is written on behalf of my brother, Gerry Larue: 7/26/00Dear Johns Hopkins Staff, I am a 52 year old male in what I thought was relatively good health (good diet, moderate exercise, etc.). On July 4 I began to feel a little ill (tired aching of my joints, etc.) My urine changed to a dark color. I went to see my primary care physician who ordered laboratory tests. My liver enzymes came back off the scale. I had been traveling and eating in a variety of restaurants (hepatitis A??). He referred me to a gastroenterologist. After more lab tests with contradictory results, I had an abdominal sonogram, a CAT scan and finally an endoscopic study. On Friday 7/21/2000 my doctor gave me a diagnosis of cancer of the bile duct (or gall bladder?). A tumor was blocking one of the ducts giving me the jaundice color. Her prognosis was not good--3-6 months to live. She has since attempted to clear out the blockage in my bile duct. My bilirubin level has reached 25. I am seeking information on experimental/radical cancer treatments that can begin immediately. I am willing to try any and all of these. Please contact me to let me know if Johns Hopkins Medical is doing work in this area. If not can you refer me to a university or medical center that is involved in this work.

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