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My husband Bob had just turned 75 in Sept. of 2008 when he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The only other illness that he had in his entire life was a case of Lyme Disease about 7 years ago. He was healthy and energetic. He rode his bike for miles every day and walked 18 holes of golf 4 days a week. He was very supportive of me during 4 joint replacement operations. In June we had gone to Alaska with our grandchildren and he kept up with them every day. He started with some mild indigestion toward the end of August. Sept. 8, 2008 he drove us to Kentucky - 12 hours there and 12 hours back. During our stay, he ate everything and was active and in fine spirits. When we returned, his indigestion seemed to get worse. He consulted doctor and was diagnosed with pc Sept. 20, 2008. Bob then had two ERCP procedures, the first one being unsuccessful. Whipple was scheduled for Oct. 15. On Oct. 12, Bob was admitted to hospital after falling and bringing a bureau over on him. He was diagnosed with a septic infection. This delayed Whipple until Oct. 30. When surgeons started, they discovered mets to the peritoneum and aborted the surgery. Chemo was the next course of action with Gemzar and Tarceva planned. Bob had one infusion of the Gemzar and never got to take the Tarceva. Four days after the Gemzar, he had severe diarrhea and was diagnosed at hospital with C-dif. By the time that was cleared, he was in a very weakened state. We declined further treatment. My love died Dec. 15 - almost three months after diagnosis. Later, the oncologist called me and told me that no further treatment was the best course of action, as it would have only made him sicker. I am involved with PANCAN and went to Washington on March 31 for Advocacy Day. My hopes and prayers to all who battle this terrible disease, whether as patient or caregiver. We must find a cure.

Posted 05/20/2009 06:58 pm by Barbara
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