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Your mother was posted 05/15/2009 06:36 pm by Cheryl
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Hi Kathy,

Sorry your circumstances bring you to this board. As to whether chemo would have adverse effects on your mother, it is hard to say as everyone seems to react differently. My father was diagnosed at the age of 73 with cholangiosarcoma. His cancer was intrahepatic, he was not a candidate for surgery, and he tried Gemzar. I am sorry to say he did not complete even one cycle (7 weeks)of chemotherapy but his course was complicated by the fact that his cancer mainly manifested itself in his liver, occupying 1/3 of it at the time of diagnosis, and he developed blood clots in his legs and ultimately his lungs. I believe the blood clots were the chief cause of his death and the doctors told us, unfortunately, the cancer would cause that.

My dad was advised (at Mayo Clinic) that the Gemzar was an easy enough treatment that an 80-year-old could do it. Hindsight, we think Pop would have been better without treatment in that he really liked to be home and it took him away from home one day a week but on the other hand, it is hard not to try to do something because there are many success stories on this board and elsewhere of those who do try treatment and it helps.

Ultimately, your mother needs to decide what she would like. Does she want to try treatment or would she rather do the things she enjoys and forget the stress and strain of tests and appointments?

I wish you God's help as you begin this roller coaster ride. May He grant you the strength for each day.


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