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Is BDC hereditary? was posted 03/28/2009 03:10 pm by B O'Donnell
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My husband was diagnosed by ERCP with BDC back in June 2007. Underwent the Whipple at Hopkins & is doing very well.

About BDC being hereditary, I am not sure, but he had a high bilirubium count when he was born and the docs did not catch it at the time.

His mother had, I believe like 7 miscarriages before having my husband her 1st child of 5.

She herself had very high cholesterol count and is skinny as a rail, she is an only child. I did some research on board here w/Hopkins and there is a possibility that BDC can be hereditary if the ducts are malformed or smaller than usual. This could explain one of the reasons why my MIL had high cholesterol counts, even with watching her diet.

On another note, my husband's youngest sister, had lymphomia and was treated successfully.

But Hopkins is definitely looking at families because they think it could be hereditary, but my guess is, that malformation of the body can be passed on through the genes and that could be what makes it hereditary.

On the other hand, if a person cooks and eats the same way his mother, grandmother, and great grandmother do, and they think that PC or BDC has anything to do with eating and cooking habits, that could be another way too.

Since my husband is the oldest of 5 children, and he turns 60 this July Lord willing, I can't begin to imagine what his siblings will face if it is a malformation that passes on through the genes.

I guess only time will tell.

I am hoping that this is not hereditary as I have 2 daughters.

We recently lost a gentleman from church to pancreatic cancer after a long battle of 4.5 years with it. He too, went to Hopkins for surgery but they opened him up, and closed him back up. Too far spread. They gave him one round of chemo by IV, and radiation. Then they wanted him back for more chemo, but he opted not to do that. He had a stent in him which had been removed and replaced probably at least 3 times. He said the stent was really painful. He started going downhill back in December and just recently passed away at the beginning of this month.

He fought a courageous battle, but I would not wish this on anyone, not even my enemy.

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