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Zolodo was posted 03/21/2009 02:46 pm by Audra
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My dad was recently diagnosed with bile duct and gall bladder cancers (he had tumors in both places). He had surgery about six weeks ago -- not sure if it was the whipple, but it sounds like it. My parents met with the surgeon three weeks ago and he said that there was no cancer in his liver or lymph nodes. I went with them yesterday to the oncologist and after digesting everything, have even more questions. The oncologist said there were a couple of spots so a little of the cancer was left behind. He is recommending a three phase treatment approach over the next 6-7 months. The first four weeks will be chemo using Gemzar. Then he will undergo radiation (M-F) and take an oral form of chemo called Zolodo. After the radiation he will finish out the course of his treatment on the Gemzar. I have been able to find information on Gemzar but have not been able to find Zolodo. Has anyone else heard of this?

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