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WARNING: Each patient has a unique history and best treatment course. We do not provide this board to encourage users to make medical decisions based on the experiences posted here. It is possible that patients who have had a complication from a treatment are more likely to post their experience than are patients who have had a good experience, thereby giving a false impression to users of this board. Carefully controlled clinical trials are needed to make conclusions about whether a treatment is effective or not, and whether it causes more good than harm. Please consult your personal physician before making any treatment decisions.

We created this page to allow users of the pancreas cancer discussion boards to post a "biography" of themselves and/or the patient they are writing messages about. This feature was requested by visitors to our discussion boards. Bios are in alphabetic order in groups of 25.

It is possible to have a photograph display with a Bio that has been posted, designated by a camera image camera next to the name of the person posting the bio. If you'd like a photo inserted into your description, please send it to

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