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Dear friends,

We have provided this site to be a source of information and support for those interested in the management of pancreas cancer.

We are pleased to have your active participation on our site and encourage healthy discussion of the many issues that are posted. Unfortunately, on rare occasions a message will be posted that may be offensive or that personally attacks someone.

We ask for your cooperation in following the guidelines listed here. This will allow everyone to participate and feel comfortable. We will edit or remove postings whose only purpose seems to be to hurt the users of this board or to incite anxiety.


  1. No rudeness. We encourage differing viewpoints, but express your opinions tactfully. Negative opinions are welcome as long as they are sincere.
  2. No profanity or vulgar language.
  3. No attacks against other users or differing viewpoints.
  4. No posting of multiple messages with the express intent of filling up a chat page or harassing its members.
  5. No advertisements for commercial products (by the manufacturers or distributors).
  6. No posting of messages about unlawful activities, including but not limited to: the selling or distribution of study drugs, prescription mediciations, or illicit substances.

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